The acme of time demands the draping of novel luster of advancements in every facade of the impartation of wisdom. The rusted rudiment gurukul and colonial systems of edifications is staggering the augmentation of our human resource. We Acura as an avant-garde procreate for the budding visionaries of India, an archetype methodology of imparting nuggets of wisdom. Rising to the Acura launches the Foundation programme to “Catch them young “, aligning them to dream ,aspire, think ,desire and plan, to convert their ambition into action.
Staying apart from all conventional civil service foundation programmes for school students our programme envisages the optimum exposure of students with that to novel technological advancements and societal trends, which enhances overall growth of each student with regard their civic sense as well as their technical aptitude. Thus AFP is not only in teaching the young students the syllabus mentioned for civil service examination rather it focuses on the system of study, which not only evaluates the Intelligent Quotient of students but also targets to mould up their Emotions, spiritual and Adversity Quotients, Technical Aptitude and Better Civic Sense.

AFP is a programme exclusively designed for students of STD 8 to 12

  • Schedule
  • One year programme (including vacation)
  • Class  are scheduled in convenient timings without over lapping schools /colleges / tuition timing
Please feel free to contact us for any kind of information, help desk number -8592050107, 0471 4062631
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